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General Terms of the Contract

1 - Liability of the department

- abc-well-being informs that the ancestral technique of the "Acupressure" isn't an exact science and that there are many factors and extern circumstances to abc-well-being which can influence the results. That is why abc-well-being declines any liability which could derive from its use.

In this way abc-well-being doesn't guarantee neither its therapeutic effects and results nor effects of other types; the user gives expressly up the idea of undertaking any type of complaint to this end and he assumes, under his whole and unique liability, the use and the results, of the technique of the Digipuncture included in the page

2 - Terms of the contract

The use of the duties of the Web page from the user, implies in all cases, the support of the general terms of contract.

So, if the user chooses the indicated option on the knob entitled "Agree with the general terms of the contract" which appears at the end of the general terms of contract enclosed, he will be considered as a user, who understands and accepts totally the terms of the contract, after selecting permanently the duty to purchase and after choosing the mean of payment.

On the other hand, if the user doesn't agree with the general terms of contract enclosed, he will have to choose the indicated option on the knob entitled "Welcome" . This option will end the action and will involve no obligation from the user.

3 - Price, mean of payment and service benefits:

I - Price: The offers will be duly noted down and identified and they will tell you the price of the offer. 1 symptom: 12 Euros and illimited access for 1 connection: 64 Euros. abc-well-being reserves the right to do, whenever and without any notice, modifications, which could be considered opportune, and will be able to revise daily the offered duties like the proposed prices.

II - Mean of payment: all the payments can be made with

III - Service benefits: when the process of selection of payment and of acceptance for the general terms of contract is finished, the user will have access to the wanted content.

4 - Industrial and intellectual property

- The rights of intellectual property about the conception of the Web page, its content (photographs, drawings, literature, audio-visual, etc.) brands and logos, which are in the Web pages of abc-well-being, belong exclusively to abc-well-being unless they indicate a district holder.

The copy, the trade, the distribution or the transformation, which are not allowed, of such works represent an offence of the rights of intellectual property for abc-well-being or for his holders, and all these actions could generate the exercise of legal or extra legal actions which will correspond to the exercise of his rights.

Like that, the information which the user can have an access in the Web pages, can be protected by some rights of industrial, intellectual or other type property. abc-well-being will not be, on no account and under no concept, responsible for the offences of such rights that he could commit as user.

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